All the smart home products at CES 2021

All the smart home products at CES 2021

Smart home products make a big splash at CES 2021

Smart home devices are always a mainstay of CES. This year, with so many spending people so much time at home, this category has come into particular focus. From fancy robot vacuums, innovative and/or expensive kitchen and bathroom appliances to powerful networking gear and even cool tech for pets, CES 2021 doesn't disappoint.   


Samsung Bot Handy

Samsung's Bot Handy can put dirty dishes in a dishwasher or pour a bottle of wine. It can also pick up around the house by manipulating other solid objects. Read more about Samsung's new Bot robots.


ColdSnap pod ice-cream maker

Meet the ColdSnap, an ice-cream-making gadget unveiled by Sigma Phase at CES 2021. The ColdSnap works similarly to a Keurig appliance, but instead of dishing out coffee, it makes single-serve pod-dispensed ice cream and other tasty frozen treats. Read more about the ColdSnap.